The Food Security Center (FSC) is a newly established university center of excellence in development collaboration at the University of Hohenheim.

FSC offers three categories of scholarships: 1. Sandwich scholarships for PhD students (6 months) 2. Research scholarships for visiting postdoctoral researchers (4 months) 3. Excellence scholarships for FSC-supported PhD program “Young Excellence School” (36 months) In category 1 and 2, FSC scholarships will support researchers from developing countries to conduct their research either at the University of Hohenheim (South–North) or at a national or international research institute in a developing country, for instance one of the centers of the CGIAR (South–South). There are few scholarships for students and postdoctoral researchers of the University of Hohenheim to visit a research institute in a developing country (North–South). The application deadline for all scholarships in category 1 and 2 is 30/01/10. Selection is carried out on a competitive basis and the decisions will be communicated up to March 16, 2010. Regarding the details of the different scholarships, the application process and the requirements, please consult FSC’s webpage ( Please read the information carefully before you apply. Only complete applications will be considered. In category 3, FSC is supporting excellent PhD students to participate in the FSC-supported PhD program at the University of Hohenheim, mainly students from developing countries, but few scholarships are as well provided to students from Germany. The detailed application information for the scholarships of this category will be posted on FSC’s webpage end of January 2010; the PhD program will start in August 2010. Information: Dr. Ludwig Kammesheidt, University of Hohenheim, kammesheidt(at),