At this event, in addition to introducing the  latest scientific achievements,  the 10th anniversary of the scientific journal APSTRACT will be celebrated.

The first AGRIMBA-AVA Congress was held in Debrecen, Hungary in 2009, followed by other congresses in the Netherlands in 2011, Montenegro in 2013, and Croatia in 2015. The AGRIMBA-AVA Congress returns to Debrecen, Hungary this year, and two years later will move to another host country.

The three "A"s: AGRIMBA, AVA-CONGRESS, and APSTRACT are becoming more and more popular and well known all around the word. At this event, in addition to gaining professional experience, you can also experience the inimitable Hungarian hospitality. The 5th AGRIMBA-AVA Congress offers both professional and uniquely Hungarian surprises. You can get to know the flora and fauna of the Hortobágy National Park – the Puszta UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the unique bird life of Tisza River, and taste the wines of Eger during the study tour.

Your scientific paper, after the usual peer review process, will be published in the scientific journal APSTRACT.

Registrations are now open