BrightComSol GmbH

BrightComSol GmbH is a privately-owned Austrian spin-off that develops and produces highly stable light emitting perovskite quantum dot nanomaterials in a broad array of polymer formulations. The aim is to be a leader in the next generation of scintillating materials and their applications.

BrightComSol was spun-off from ICBS by Dr. Behzad Shirmardi and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erik Reimhult in 2020 after being part of the INiTS Incubator in 2019. Its first main market are high-speed, high-resolution, and large area scintillators for X-ray imaging.

Its proprietary technology was invented as part of our fundamental research into core-shell nanoparticles funded by EU-H2020-ERC-Consolidator Project Interaction and actuation of lipid membranes with magnetic nanoparticles. (MemNP) and EU-H2020-ERC-PoC Project Nanocomposite Solutions (NanoComSol), and the development of its scintillators and business has been supported by a number of Austrian funding agencies, including APlusB, FFG, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, and Austrian Wirtschaftsservice.


Holloid is a company in the founding stage. It brings the benefits of high-speed 3D imaging and optical characterization to the market in order to detect, identify and sort colloids, such as dispersed particles, cells, and microorganisms, by innovative hardware and software solutions.

It was spun-off from BIMat by Dr. Peter van Oostrum and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erik Reimhult during the winter of 2020/2021 based on a patent portfolio from BOKU. They were joined by two co-founders: Mag. Marcus Lebesmühlbacher (private sector) and Dr. Pinar Frank (private sector and BIMat alumni). It will incoporate in the Spring of 2022.

Its proprietary technology was invented as part of our fundamental research into characterization of colloidal systems funded by the BOKU, e.g., Project In-house development of infrastructure for Digital Holographic Microscopy and peptoid-synthesis robot (SEG), the FWF Project Self-folding particle chains (SFPC), and the AWS Prototypenförderung Holographic Phase Contrast Micro Cytometry (HPCMC).