EK02W22 Welcome lecture - BOKU at a glance online anytime
PE14W22 How to write a scientific paper online  12.+13.09. + 13.+14.10.2022
PE60W22 Project idea - what now? BOKU-relevant European funding programs for applied research online 26.09.2022
PE37W22 Introduction to BOKU’s Research Information System FIS  online 29.09.2022
PE06W22 Strategic Career Planning online 05.+06.10.2022
PE09W22 Basic leadership skills online 19.10.2022
PE40W22 Social media for researchers 24.10.2022
PE17W22 Focus: How to work concentrated on what is important online 03.11.2022
D07_22W How to successfully prepare your teaching portfolio 10.11.2022
PE15W22 How to peer review a scientific manuscript online 07.+28.+29.11.2022
PE34W22 How to Efficiently Craft your Grant Proposals online 15.+16.11. + 22.+23.11.2022
PE66W22 Finished my PhD - what now? 21.11.2022
PE051W22 Appointment training for prospective professors 23.+24.11.2022
D09_22W Intercultural competence – benefitting from intercultural teaching online 07.12.2022
PE05W22 Appointment training for prospective professors online 13.+14.12.2022
PE33W22 Get inspired: Creative Techniques for Scientists online 16.+17.01.2023
PE55W22 Intercultural communication and competence in the university context online 27.01.2023
PE44W22 Writing retreat - Schreibklausur für Dissertationen online from 30.01.2023
D13_22W Introduction to Higher Education - University Didactics 14.+15.02.2023
PE74W22 Ethics in Animal Research at BOKU: how to get an "Ethics Statement"? 24.02.2023
EK01W22 Good Scientific Practice and Research Integrity online anytime