Thursday, 21. September 2023 [09:00 - 13:00]

The seminar is addressed to researchers at all levels, from different disicplinary backgrounds in the social and natural sciences, who are interested in learning more about ethics in research involving humans.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
•    Understand the basic ethical principles underlying research with humans
•    Identify key ethical issues in research and how to address them in their own practice
•    Develop skills in ethical decision-making and apply ethical principles to real-life research scenarios
•    Understand the institutional and regulatory frameworks that govern research ethics
•    Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of ethically responsible research conduct


Research ethics is a critical component of responsible research conduct. In this four-hour course, participants will explore the basic ethical principles underlying research involving human participants, examine key ethical issues in research (such as informed consent, confidentiality, privacy, and non-maleficiancy), and learn about the institutional and regulatory frameworks that govern research ethics. Through interactive activities and case studies that adress ethically challenging situations when applying different methods (such as online surveys, in-person interviews, (video) observations, eye-tracking, behavioral experiments for food products, sensory tests), participants will develop skills in ethical decision-making, learn how to identify and address ethical dilemmas in their research, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of ethical and responsible research conduct. Participants are welcome to bring examples from their own research in order to discuss them collectively as part of the workshop.


Inputs from the instructor; case studies; interactive activities and group discussions

Group size: max. 25 participants

The workshop will take place at Hörsaal EH02, 1.OG, Wilhelm Exner Haus, Peter-Jordan-Str. 82, 1190 Vienna.

Dr. Michael Penkler
is an experienced social science resarcher in the sociology of science and an expert in research methods as well as responsible research and innovation. He is a lecturer and researcher at the Institute for Market Research and Methodology at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, where he is responsible for teaching research methodology, scientific practice and research ethics.

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