• July 2013
    International Conference Aesop/ACS “Planning for resilient Cities and Regions”
    Dublin, Ireland
    Contributions: Participation, Presentation
  • June 2011
    EURA Conference
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Contributions: Participation, Presentation
  • September 2010
    Symposium "Masculin/Féminin : questions pour la géographie"
    Bordeaux, France
    Contributions: Workshop, Chair: Sylvette Denefle, Francois-Rabelais University, Maison de Sciences de l’Homme de Tours
  • May 2010
    REAL CORP 2010 - ‘Cities for Everyone: Liveable, Healthy, Prosperous – Promising vision or unrealistic fantasy?’
    Vienna, Austria
    Contributions: Participation, Presentation
  • June 2009
    City Futures 09 - ‘City Futures in a Globalising World’
    Madrid, Spain
    Contributions: 2 panels on ‘Gendered cities - Gender mainstreaming in urban and regional planning‘
  • May 2009
    Social Polis Conference
    Vienna, Austria
    Contributions:  Posters presentation of the GDUS-network for a stand exhibition
  • July 2008
    MMWW08 – Mundos de mujeres / Women’s Worlds congress
    Madrid, Spain
    Contributions: Workshop
  • 2008
    URBAN-NET – research project
    (Prof. Sylvette Denèfle, Ir Lidewij C. Tummers, Dr. Christine Hudson)
  • December 2007
    Expert meeting in Brussels at the world congress “Dynamic cities need women”
  • September 2007
    Expert Meeting Gender, Diversity, Urbanism
    TU Delft, NL, official start of GDUS-Network
  • 2003
    Meeting in Neaples
  • 2000 & 2002
    Seminar with the Genero Urban Network
    Madrid, Spain