Major achievements

The interdisciplinary team investigated the dynamics of the transcriptomes and metabolomes during the plant-pathogen interaction. Major achievements were the establishment of several GC-MS and LC-MS metabolomics workflows and the implementation of stable isotopic labelling. Several novel plant metabolites of the major mycotoxin and virulence factor deoxynivalenol (DON) were discovered. Genes encoding relevant plant detoxification enzymes such as UDP-glucosyltransferases and glutathione-S-transferases were identified despite the difficulties caused by the enormous size of these gene families in hexaploid wheat. The collaboration with the bioinformatics partner from Helmholtz Zentrum München / TU München was very important to achieve this goal. The gene inventory of F. graminearum revealed many secondary metabolite clusters with mostly unknown products. The role of Fusarium chromatin modification was investigated, revealing a strong impact of active plant defense on formation of secondary metabolites and virulence. It could be shown that NPS1 is required for production of the siderophore malonichrome, and that the metabolites culmorin and butenolide are inhibitors of DON detoxification enzymes. The molecular basis for the formation of novel trichothecenes by F. graminearum strains (NX-toxins) was elucidated. The toxicity of new compounds and combinations of metabolites in mammalian cells was studied by the toxicology partner from the University of Vienna. Regarding plant interaction, we discovered that Fusarium is able to hydrolyse tryptamine derived plant defense compounds (e.g. coumaroyl-tryptamine) and to convert tryptamine into auxin. A strain with knockouts in seven amine-oxidase genes revealed that auxin formation is indeed a virulence factor. Two major resistance QTL utilized by plant breeders were studied by transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches. A contig spanning the Fhb1 resistance QTL was established and four loss of DON resistance and Fusarium resistance mutant lines are currently sequenced and compared to the wild-type to pinpoint the causal Fhb1 gene. For the difficult centromeric region conferring resistance to initial infection, fine mapping using gamma-radiation derived deletion lines led to a list of candidate genes. The insights gained by the SFB project will contribute to a sustainable solution of the Fusarium problem by knowledge-based resistance breeding.

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