IBSE (Institute of Bioprocess Science and Engineering) is a research and teaching institution which is active on exploring fundamentals and applications of engineering for the biomanufacturing industry with focus on:

  • Biopharmaceutical processing such as proteins and other biopharmaceuticals using the most common host cells E. coli, insects cells, Chinese Hamster Ovarian, Vero and HEK cells.
  • Model-based control of fermentation and in downstream processing and the cyber physical depiction of bioprocesses.
  • Modeling and scale up and scale down of bioprocesses
  • Continuous integrated biomanufacturing and new manufacturing strategies.
  • Implementation of quality by design concepts, quality management, process proteomics and hybrid modeling in bioprocessing.
  • Economic and environmental modelling in our research to practice a holistic view.

IBSE offers training for undergraduate and graduate programs with half of the courses being experiential learning and half lectures.

IBSE closely collaborated with the core faculty pilot plant which is equipped with bioreactors up to 1600 L and the respective unit operations for downstream processing. This pilot plant is used for training and research purposes.

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