The BOKU Core Facility “BioIndustrial Pilot Plant” is a multi-purpose semi-industrial facility for education, training and development of biotechnological processes.

The modular system is designed for the cultivation (fermentation) of microorganisms, animal and plant cells as well as their harvest and purification of the products or biomolecules (downstream processing). Current equipment includes bioreactors for microbial systems from 50 to 200 L or animal cell cultures from 15 to 100 L.

For primary recovery and downstream processing, the facility is equipped with a high-pressure homogenizer, Ultra-and Dia-filtration system, chromatographic system and filtration systems in pilot scale.

In addition to the 2 pillars, upstream and downstream processing, there is the third pillar - monitoring. This includes qualitative and quantitative process analysis, such as protein purity and content, microbial room monitoring and the monitoring of supply media such as water, process and room air, etc.

Approx. 650 m2 of the entire facility with a total size of 950 m2 are located in a monitored class D clean room, special labs are class C.

The individual areas such as microbial fermentation, animal cell culture, downstream processing, inoculum preparation and filling as well as monitoring (both are class C clean rooms) are spatially separated from one another.

The plant has an independent water supply for high quality water, process air generation, pure steam generation and the inactivation of biological waste.

Maintaining of the facility, utilities and equipment is performed according to Standard Operation Procedures for cleaning and sanitization. Particle and microbial monitoring procedures are established for control purposes.

Safety at work and the well-being of our employees, trainees and project partners are particularly important to us, which is why we started the ISO 45001 certification for health and safety at work in 2020.


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