The main aim of the Doctoral School BUILD.NATURE is to foster resilience in building constructions, by optimizing the buildings structure, developing functional and structural materials, optimizing logistics, emphasising societal issues and by objective evaluation of the measures for example by performing life cycle assessments.


Research activities of BUILD.NATURE include but are not limited to the following topics: 

  • Developing building structures with minimal environmental impact over the entire life cycle
  • Developing low carbon input materials, by using wood and low-energy materials
  • Using single-component materials to provide high rates for upcycling
  • Investigating highly insulated building envelopes at low energy inputs
  • Allowing maximum availability of daylight
  • Creating flexible multi-use buildings
  • Using local and regional materials – and smart logistics
  • Implementing reverse logistics strategies
  • Resilient structures and building functions through biomimicry
  • Developing „Design and disassembly“ solutions
  • Increasing smartness and resource efficiency in material engineering, production, and structural engineering
  • Developing of interior and exterior cooling systems during summers
  • Implementing cultural heritage & traditions as basis for new highly efficient developments
  • Developing adaptive, resilient and compatible building greenery solutions and combinations with renewable energy modules (e.g. photovoltaic)