Main Topics

In research the main topics of the institute can be assigned to the fields Soil Bioengineering, Vegetation Engineering and Landscape Construction. This division reflects the fields in teaching.
The investigations encompass basic research as well as examinations of new methods and their applicability in practice.

Subjects of research are for example:

Soil and Water Bioengineering and Ecosytem Services

  • suitability and propagation of different plants for soil bioengineering ptotection
  • erosion control in alpine regions and susceptibility of alpine grass patches to erosion
  • hydraulic, sedimentological and ecological influences of riparian vegetation
  • effectiveness of soil bioengineering structures in the revitalisation of riverbanks
  • effectiveness of soil bioengineering methods for the stabilisation of slopes

Vegetation Engineering

  • cutting resistance and bearing capacity of different herbs in flower lawns
  • load capacity and vegetation of different kinds of gravel turf
  • new methods in the recultivation of quarries

Landscape Construction

  • structural engineering and maintanance of different road constructions
  • tradition and history of craft and techniques in Landscape Construction
  • preservation of historic gardens and history of garden techniques