Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC), a new resource efficient concrete shell construction method, was invented by Professor Benjamin Kromoser at and Professor Johann Kollegger (TU Wien) at. Concrete shells are efficient supporting structures, but the existing methods of constructing for formwork are labour and material intensive. The PFHC construction method, however, is comparatively easy. At first a flat concrete plate with wedge-shaped outlets is cast. After the concrete has hardened, an air cushion placed underneath the plate is inflated, and the post-tensioning tendons at the circumference are tensioned until the final form is reached. Glass fibre reinforced plastic rods are used as reinforcement to absorb the occurring strains in the concrete plate. If the flat plate is produced with high accuracy, the PFHC construction method allows very precise concrete shells to be built.

The functionality of the complete construction method has already been tested in two large scale experiments: a spherical concrete shell 10.8 m in diameter and 3.2 m in height, and a free formed concrete shell with plan measurements of 17.6 m × 10.8 m and a height of 2.9 m; both shells had a thickness of 50 mm. Furthermore, the construction method has been practically applied for the construction of two concrete shells, an event canopy and a concrete shell bridge, on behalf of the Austrian railways. The event canopy has plan measurements of 26.5 m × 19.1 m, a height of 4.2 m and a final thickness of 150–200 mm. The bridge has plan measurements of 36.2 m × 38.7 m, and height from the top edge to the vertex is 7.6 m, with a thickness of 450 mm.

Keywords: Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete, Concrete Shell, Flexible Formwork, Pneumatic Formwork, Topology Optimization, Structural Optimization




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