Die Bodenkultur - Volume 59 / issue 1-4

Landbewirtschaftung - Ökonomie


M. Eder and W. Schneeberger:

Development path and characteristics of farms leaving the Austrian agri-environmental programme

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W. Kriegl and W. Schneeberger:

A comparative economic evaluation of two uses of biogas: in electricity production and for distribution into the national gas grid

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Landbewirtschaftung - Boden


B. M. Dahal, A. Mentler, W. E.H. Blum:

Arsenic distribution in soil aggregate fractions of two different cropping fields in Nepal

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F. Heinzlmaier, A. Freudenschuß, M. H. Gerzabek:

Plant nutrient supply of Austrian soils - Results of the Austrian soil surveys

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Landbewirtschaftung - Produktion und Verarbeitung


L. Girsch, N. Angerer, J. Hartmann, H. Strelec, H.P. Stueger:

Analysis of gene flow in Zea mays in consideration of the environment in main cultivation regions of Austria

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S. Gruber, K. Emrich and W. Claupein:

Managing the soil seed bank of oilseed rape by tillage and genotype selection – a survey of three project years

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Süleyman Kizil, S. Kirici and Ö. Sönmez:

Effect of different row distances on some agronomical characteristics and essential oil composition of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.)

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E. Kübler, W. Aufhammer and H.-P. Piepho:

Mixing effects in cereal-grain legume stands on the composition of the above ground dry matter yield and the grain yield in dependence of the mixing ratio

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Z. Varga, B. Krautzer and W. Graiss:

Mycological investigations of seeds of cultivated grasses

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T. Kickinger, J. Humer, K. Aichberger, H. Würzner and W. Windisch:

Survey on zinc and copper contents in dung from Austrian livestock production.

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A. Kroismayr, K. Schedle, J. Sehm, M. Pfafl, C. Plitzner, H. Foissy, T. Ettle, H. Mayer, M. Schreiner, W. Windisch:

Effects of essential oils or Avilamycin on gut microbiology and blood parameters of weaned piglets.

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K. Zitterl-Eglseer, W. Wetscherek, A. Stoni, A. Kroismayr and W. Windisch:

Bioavailability of essential oils of a phytobiotic feed additive and impact of performance and nutrient digestibility in weaned piglets

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J. Eitzinger, H. Formayer, S. Thaler, M. Trnka, Z. Zdenek and V. Alexandrov:

Aspects on results and uncertainties of climate change impact simulation studies for agricultural crop production in Europe

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F. Feichtinger, P. Strauss, J.-M. Lescot, M. Kaljonen, G. Hofmacher:

Integrated assessment of groundwater protection using Agricultural Best Management Practices – a nitrogen case study

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M. L. Himmelbauer and V. Novák:

Root distribution functions of spring barley, winter rye and maize

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