Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

L. Giersch, N. Angerer, J. Hartmann, H. Strelec, H.P. Stueger:

Analysis of gene flow in Zea mays in consideration of the environment in main cultivation regions of Austria


This report was executed in consideration of the implementation of scientific based directives for a coexistence management.
A field design representative for a natural cultivation situation of maize in Austria was selected. The “maximum” external gene flow as a successful fertilization in a castrated pollen acceptor field was measured. The average of the successful fertilization related to the entire pollen acceptor field was between 4.5 % and 97.5 %. The highest correlation was observed when measuring the shortest distance between the field border of the main pollinator field and the centre of the pollen acceptor field and it seems to be the most suitable way to define distances between a GMO-field and a non-GMO-field in coexistence management. Key words:  Gene flow, Zea mays, isolation distance, coexistence, GMO.