Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A. Herrmann, K. Prilop and D. Duncker:

Hysteresis in semi-confined fractured rock groundwaterdischarge relations related to runoff formation on a small basin scale


By taking the 76 ha Lange Bramke basin, Harz Mts., Germany as an example, it will be tested to what extent hysteretic piezometric level-discharge relations confirm a hydraulically-based three-stage runoff formation concept. For this purpose, high-resolution hydrologic and hydraulic data series are checked together with the results of isotopic and artificial tracings. Hydraulically-sound clockwise, but also frequent anti-clockwise or even almost linear to exponential course of hysteretic loops are found taking discharge as dependent variable. Results are far from convincing, because hysteresis is in this context still little experienced. Key words: Lange Bramke basin, runoff generation, hysteresis, tracers.