Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

N. Osadcha and V. Lutko:

Simulation of humic substances diffuse runoff during a snowmelt event at the experimental plot scale


The physical modelling of snowmelt runoff was carried out on the experimental runoff plot, located in Kyiv region (Ukraine) in Boguslav experimental site, to study features of dissolved humic (HA) and fulvic (FA) acids leaching from a catchment. Among investigated components the main attention was paid to the humic substances as a prevailing part of organic matter in surface water of Ukraine. The quantitative parameters of their distribution in the system “solid phase-water” were established. The algorithm for simulation of humic substances release during snowmelt conditions was developed. It was based on the mathematical description of a component mass transfer in separate runoff phases. The accuracy of simulation was assessed on the basis of Nash-Sutcliffe coefficient, which was 0.96 and 0.89 for HA and FA, respectively. Key words: Plot scale, runoff, simulation, humic substances, humic acids, fulvic acids, leaching.