Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

E. Vazquez, V. Acuña, J. Artigas, S. Bernal, E. Ejarque, A. Gaudes, I. Ylla, E. Martí, E. Mas-Martí, A. Guarch, I. Muñoz, A. Romaní, S. Sabater, F. Sabater, D. Von Schiller and A. Butturini:

Fourteen years of hydro-biogeochemical monitoring in a Mediterranean catchmentSummary

Fluvial systems in Mediterranean areas are subject to strong precipitation seasonality, characterized by a low flow period, and, in severe conditions, the complete disruption of surface flow continuum. The Fuirosos is a Mediterranean intermittent stream that has been monitored since 1998. It is located near Barcelona (Spain) in a catchment almost untouched by anthropic activity. Thus it has become a target for many studies on biogeochemistry and fluvial ecology. Some of these studies especially emphasize the role of the dry-wet cycling and its influence on other aspects of fluvial processes. This text provides a wide overview of the research conducted in Fuirosos catchment and highlights the relevance of the alternation of hydrological periods in Mediterranean systems. Key words: Biogeochemistry, fluvial ecology, hydrology, Mediterranean catchment, long-term monitoring.