Automated content

In addition to the automatically generated person slider, the address bar and the calendar on the start page of your organisational unit, there are other automated contents that cannot be edited by web editors:

  • personen [Personen]
  • lectures [Lehrveranstaltungen]
  • events [Veranstaltungen]
  • research [Forschung]

This automated content is fed from different data sources.

  • Personal information as well as information on lectures and events come directly from BOKUonline.
  • Information on research comes directly from the research information system (FIS).

Backend view

backend: automated contents

Frontend view

Even though you always see all automated pages in the backend of TYPO3, only those with current content are displayed in the frontend.

frontend: automated content

Editing options

Although it is possible to add information to the pages "courses", "events" and "research". Two content elements are available here:

  • teaser image ffor OrgEHs
  • normal text element

You can also create sub-pages and fill them with individual information.

backend: how to edit automated content

Automated lists of persons

In the case of automated lists of persons [automatisierten Personenlisten], it is possible to control the display on BOKUweb for certain groups of persons.