Brief description

Central web presence of BOKU with the content management system TYPO3

Maintenance of the pages and contents of the BOKUweb is done with the help of the content management system TYPO3, by the BOKU staff members authorized to do so (web editors, "Webredakteure und Webredakteurinnen").

TYPO3 is very easy to use. No special HTML or system knowledge is required.

All content that is stored in the backend of TYPO3 is automatically transferred into the consistent design of the BOKU in the frontend. Size and display of the website are automatically adapted to the characteristics of the respective end device (responsive design).

Permissions for TYPO3

Authorizations for the use of TYPO3 for web editors ("Webredakteur*innen") for a specific organizational unit can be requested by the IT managers ("EDV-Verantwortliche") or the management of the respective organizational unit via BOKU-IT-Hotline: boku-it(at)

Training courses

TYPO3 training courses are offered at a regular basis; you can view the current training courses and online dates via BOKUonline:

  • just click on your personal business card
  • select the item "BOKU Training Pass / Trainings"
  • in the section "Fit for Admin" you will find current dates for the course "TYPO3 introduction"

Training manual

BOKUweb with TYPO3