Please note that the building opening hours are outside the sphere of influence of BOKU-IT and access to the PC rooms may be restricted as a result:

Standorte der BOKUprint-Multifunktionsgeräte

 Publicly available units

(Utilization mainly for students, units may also be used by staff members)

Building Room No. Room Name Unit No. Model Large Stapler Finisher 1 Stapling/Folding Unit 2 Puching Unit 3
Wilhelm Exner Haus EG/31 Copy room 56 C284 -
Wilhelm Exner Haus EG/G6 Library 57 C284 -
Ilse Wallentin Haus 01/06 Media Services 66,67 C454
Ilse Wallentin Haus U1/G02.2   104 C300i -
Tüwi 02/02 Copy room ÖH 46 C308 -
Tüwi 02/02 Copy room ÖH 87 C300i -
Gregor Mendel Haus EG/G6   68 C308  
Oskar Simony Haus EG   102 C308  
Muthgasse I 01/53 PC-Room 40 C284 -
Muthgasse II ZG/03.1 Library 15 C284 -
Muthgasse II ZG/G1   31 C308  

1) Large Stapler - Finisher (maximum number of sheets available for stapling: 50, maximum output capacity: 3,200 sheets, offsetting)
2) Stapling/Folding Unit (booklet production, center crease, spiral fold)
3) Punching Unit(electronically switchable punching unit, two and four time punching available)