Printing, Copying and Scanning

with multifunctional units by Konica Minolta which are available BOKU-wide.


The term BOKUprint stands for multifunctional units by KONICA MINOLTA which are installed BOKU-wide. Currently more than 80 units are in use which are maintained by BOKUprint. Specifically, these units are from the bishub series Cxx4, whereby the xx represents the page yield of the respective unit. Currently BOKU uses the following models: C224, C284, C364, C454 and C554. The construction of the units of this series is almost identical to larger models (C654, C754) with the exception of minor special configuration features. Control and account of the functions copying, printing and scanning are made via the output management system "SafeQ", which is provided by the company YSoft.

Number Plate In order to make sure the identification of a unit is conducted in a clear and timely manner, for example in the event of reporting a support case, every unit has a sticker showing a unique number. This number is not only used at BOKU; KONIA MINOLTA can also easily identify the unit based on this number (or the ID respectively, for example BOKU99). You can find the name of the person responsible for a particular unit within a bordered field. If you encounter problems with a particular unit, the person listed within this field is your first contact person. The departmental office or staff member's phone extension is included for your convenience.

Registration Activation of the functions can be made via two different login methods. You can either enter your BOKUaccount and password using the integrated touchscreen terminal on the unit or place your BOKUcard over the built-in card reader (Mifare).

Copying Function Using the copying function is easy - login and start copying.

Scanning Function You can choose from two predefined functions for comfortable scanning. Your scan can either be sent directly via email ("Scan To E-Mail") to you (Please note: here only a low resolution is possible and predefined) or copied into your personal Home file on the Novell server home server ("Scan To Home").

Printing Function Contrary to the classic method of direct printing in which case you already decide which printer you wish to use, we would like to draw your attention to the so-called pick-up mode (FollowMe,Secure). You first send the print job to a virtual printer where it is stored via a temporary memory until you pick it up at one of the many physical printers assigned to the virtual printer. If the print job is not picked up within the maximum storage time (i.e. seven days), it is automatically deleted. You also have the option to send print jobs to one specific unit without prior approval at this unit. You can check the respective number on the iprint server list to determine which units offer this feature.