Please note: GroupWise is only available for BOKU staff members. Students have their own mailing system. 

There are three ways to access GroupWise:

  • via the GroupWise client
  • via a web browser
  • via POP3 protocols

GroupWise Client

Internal and external access via GroupWise client is possible via

Please use port 1677.

This server and port will lead you automatically to your correct post office.

For GroupWise clients' installation instructions please choose the respective page in the menu on the left hand side. 

Access via Browser

Worldwide access for GroupWise is available via


Access via IMAP

You can access your GroupWise Mailbox using IMAP via and Port 993 (secure SSL connection). please note: it might be necessary to use VPN in order to connect to depending on your region.

Access via POP3

You can download your emails from GroupWise via using Port 995 (secure SSL connection).