Scientific Computing

Computing nodes for the execution of numerically intensive computation

Computing Nodes for the Execution of Numerically Intensive Computation

For the execution of numerically intensive applications of individual institutions or projects, BOKU-IT runs several computing nodes (hostname -

Within the framework of this special project, users may obtain information on software, calculation approval and access directly at the BOKU-IT. Please send your request to BOKU-IT Hotline: boku-it(at)

Mailing List

For current information as well as for the coordination of the users among themselves with regard to the non-simultaneous start of jobs, which should fully utilize the resources, a mailing list "" was established.

When an account is activated, it is automatically added to this mailing list.
All users* of these special computers are asked to communicate with the other users* before starting "large" jobs. All mailing list members have permission to send messages to this mailing list at any time.

All BOKU employees can subscribe and unsubscribe to this list as needed (opt-in and opt-out).

In order to register and de-register, please send an email to 

with the following words in the subject line:


login: Your account must be activated via BOKU-IT Hotline: boku-it(at)

protocol: ssh

os: ubuntu LTS 16.04 64bit

home: NFS     - /home (200G) … only this part is backed up!
scratch: NFS  - /scratch/NFS (800G)
scratch: CEPH - /scratch/COUCH (10T)    
scratch: DISK - /scratch/DISK(70G)

/scratch/* ... Files, older then 180 days, will be deleted automatically.

RAM: 128G
CPU: 2xIntel E5-2640 V4 2,40GHz (10Core)

There are no guaranteed machine times, no queuing by the BOKU-IT.

In the case that BOKU-IT runs nfsgates for your organizational unit, these nfsgates can be mounted on the nonas if desired.

Software requests should be sent to BOKU-IT Hotline: boku-it(at), the nodes are designed as computing nodes only!