On your personal business card ("Visitenkarte") on BOKUonline, please click on the following link: 

Select the checkbox 'Selbstregistrierung aktivieren' ("activate self-registration"). Then click on 'Speichern' ("save"):

You are now shown an email address. You need this email address for your registration with Microsoft. The address is made up in the following way: LoginName@office365.boku.ac.at . We suggest you copy this address into the clipboard:

Now go to the following page:

and paste your Login-Name@office365.boku.ac.at address

An email will now be sent to your BOKU email address. Click on 'Office 365 Education Anmeldung abschließen' ("Office 365 Education complete registration"):

Now enter your first and last name and please think of a password for your Microsoft account. Please use a password that is different from your BOKU account!

Then click on 'Jetzt installieren' ("install now") in order to install Microsoft Office 365 Education onto your private computer:

Answers on your installation-related questions or help regarding problems that might occur are provided by the manufacturer under the link: 'Behandeln von Problemen mit der Installation' ("troubleshooting installation problems").

Login Data / Forgot password?

Since this is a service provided by Microsoft and not BOKU-IT, for everything related to Office 365 please ALWAYS use your specifically generated LoginName@office365.boku.ac.at address! If you should have forgotten your password, please use the link: 'Can’t access your account? / Können Sie nicht auf Ihr Konto zugreifen?' on the Microsoft registration page.

OneDrive for Business Client

For the synchronization of your Office 365 cloud memory, you need the OneDrive for Business client, which is installed together with Office 365 and NOT your normal, personal OneDrive client (unfortunately, the naming is quite confusing in this case). Please enter the following URL under 'Bibliothek' ("library") and for the EigenerLoginName use the login name with which you also log in on BOKUonline: bokuprod-my.sharepoint.com/personal/EigenerLoginName_office365_boku_ac_at/