The validity of the BOKUcard for students has to be extended every semester. The earliest time to do so is about one week after having paid the tuition fees. You can do it as late as you want, but it is recommended to do it before the end of the prior validity of the card, which is at the end of the adminission period in November or April.

BOKUcard validity - Activating and Updating

For activating and updating you BOKUcard you have to use one of the special BOKUcard terminals which are located at these locations:


  • Mendelhaus - Cafeteria
  • Franz Schwackhöfer Haus - near west entrance
  • TÜWI - ÖH Office


  • 2 terminals in the Szilviny building, Muthgasse 18, in the ground floor entrance hall ("Aula").
  1. Insert your BOKUcard into the slot on the right hand side of the terminal.
  2. Wait until the BOKUcard has been printed and is ejected.
  3. Take your BOKUcard with you.

If your BOKUcard is not ejected correctly due to some technical problems, please contact the ZID hotline staff.

Please check whether the new validation information has been printed to your BOKUcard correctly.

  • If the information is not clearly readable or if it does not appear on the right place, please repeat the procedure immediately.
  • If an old validation date was printed, because the new data are not yet available in the system, then repeat the procedure a few days later.


  • If you are entitled to a price reduction in the students' cafeteria ("Mensa"), apply for this reduction at the students union ("ÖH") first. Then the "M" symbol will be printed to your BOKUcard automatically.
  • If you update your BOKUcard too early, before the current information has been completed in the BOKUonline system, then the old validity data will be printed to your card and you will have to repeat the process later, when the new information will be available.