Brief Description

Electronic Student Card - Issuing, Renewing, Reissuing.

The BOKUcard is a chip card. It is an electronic student card that is the size of a credit card and can be read both by people and software. Students obtain their BOKUcard at the time of their initial admission to BOKU. Every semester, students can extend the validity period of their BOKUcard at special terminals located at BOKU. Both the readable print and the electronically saved data will then be updated.

How Do Students Obtain Their BOKUcard

At the time of their initial admission to BOKU new students obtain their BOKUcard at the registration office "Studienservices").

  • At pre-registration for the study program at BOKU, please type in your personal data and upload a photo as a jpg file.
  • At registration any missing data will be added or corrected and you will obtain your BOKUcard at the registration office.
  • This BOKUcard is initially invalid. After your registration is complete and you receive notification you can activate your BOKUcard at the prolongation terminals. Your BOKUcard will then be valid until the end of the semester.