Brief description

Self-service for students

Using this application, students can access their own exam results (grades or scores) and print these out, if required.

  • Please be aware: in the ‘Exam results’ application, you will receive only “normal” exam results and individual certificates. There are other applications for printing out enrolment confirmations, awards, course of studies, etc.: enrolment confirmations in BOKUonline
  • The certificates that you print out in this way are for your own information and are not for official use.


For the ‘Exam results’ application, log in using your personal BOKUonline business card, go to the “Studies” column and then the “Exam Results” link.

Printing certificates

Printing individual certificates

Please click on the print symbol next to the relevant exam to get the corresponding certificate.

Printing all certificates

Please click on ‘Print all academic records/certificates’ in the top right. As a default, all positive certificates will be printed but you can modify the choice according to your needs.