Brief Description

Compulsory pre-registration as a requirement for the admission to an academic study program

Prior to your initial admission to a university degree program at BOKU, an online pre-registration via the internet is required. You can register from your own PC at home or at one of the information terminals at BOKU (also directly next to the Student Registration Office - Studienservices). If you have previously studied at BOKU, a pre-registration is not required. Your data has already been recorded into the system (e.g. transition from a Bachelor to a Master degree program, etc.) The application is available in German and English. You can switch languages by clicking on the flag symbol. For times allowed for registration ("Data collection for admission (pre-registration)") please see "Dates and Timetable".
If you access the site outside the actual admission period, you will be able to view when registration is possible for the following semester.


Pre-Registration for New Students

What to do next ...

These are the stops following your pre-registration:

  • Decision of which study program(s) you wish to enroll at BOKU.
  • Admission to a study program at the Student Registration Office (Studienservices) (during the actual admission period).
  • Payment of the student union fee and the student fee ("Studienbeitrag") respectively.
  • Activation of your BOKUcard and IT account.

Information on the photo ...

Your student card is an official identification document. Accordingly, the same rules apply for selecting the photo to be used. The person must be clearly recognizable and not be wearing any headgear (caps, hoods, etc.). The photo must be taken from the front and show the entire head; anything below the shoulders cannot be included in the picture. Further information on valid passport photos can also be found at

ID and password - what for?

  • When accessing the pre-registration website, an ID is shown and you can then select a password. You need both in case you wish to add or correct your data before your admission at the Student Registration Office (Studienservices). This password is not your "official" password for your BOKU IT account; you will only receive your official password after you are admitted.
  • In case you forget or lose your ID or password or if your pre-registration data is incomplete or incorrect, please do not try to create a new account with a new ID. Instead, leave your pre-registration data as is (i.e. even if it is incorrect or incomplete) and only add or correct the data set with a staff member once you are at the admission at the Student Registration Office. The staff members there will review the data you entered with you and advise you in all aspects that might need further clarification.