by foot

Simply follow these directions ot the signs to "Campus Tulln - Technopol" to reach us from Tulln´s railway station.

by car

Feel free to use the parking lot in front of the building.

Please be aware that Konrad-Lorenz-Straße is closed for cars between number 10 and 22.

A summary of the last turns to take to reach us from highway S5 can be found here.

The address of the university building is: Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24, 3430 Tulln. The coordinates are 48° 19' 16.3992", 016° 04' 07.9680" | 48.321222,16.06888.

by public transport

Trains are going directly from Vienna´s Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof to Tulln. Good stations to change from Vienna´s public transport to the train are Spittelau (U4, U6) and Heiligenstadt (U4, S45). Change to to the train in the direction of Tulln, Gmünd, Ceske Velenice or Sigmundsherberg or to Schnellbahn S40 towards Tulln or St. Pölten.

If you are arriving by train from the west (Linz, Salzburg, München), it can be faster to change in Tullnerfeld to Schnellbahn S40 to Wien FJB. Take care to travel to the stop "Bahnhof Tulln", as the stop "Tulln Stadt" is much farther away from the institute.

From Vienna´s airport you first have to take S7 or CAT to "Landstraße-Wien Mitte". Then take U4 (the green subway line) in the direction of Heiligenstadt. In Heiligenstadt(the last stop), you change again to Schnellbahn S40 towards Tulln or to the train in the direction of Tulln, Gmünd, Ceske Velenice or Sigmundsherberg.

In Tulln you have to walk about 800m from the station to our building, just follow the signs to "Campus Tulln - Technopol". Directions can also be found in this file.

general information is the official web page of the city of Tulln, the home page of the Lower Austrian government is

Information about the public transport in Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland is found at Train time tables can be checked at The home page of Vienna´s airport is