We are dedicated to research in the area of Bioprocess Engineering with the focus on Downstream Processing and Integrated Process Development, of bioproducts overexpressed in bacteria and mammalian cells.

Our main fields of interest are within the field of Quality by Design approaches for bioprocesses

  • Fundamental characterization and modelling of nano and micro scale systems
  • Cell disruption, inclusion body processing, solubilisation and refolding strategies
  • Miniaturization and automation of unit operations and process-development platforms
  • Model-based scale up and scale down
  • Hybrid modelling for downstream unit operations
  • Real-time monitoring model based prediction of bioprocesses / PAT approaches
  • Integrated process development
  • Softmatter of Bioprocess Sciences

By collaborating with the BioIndustrial Pilot Plant we cover process development for bioproducts from microscale to the hundred of liters pilot scale.