Group Leader

Univ. Prof. Dr. Diethard Mattanovich

room no: 04/15

phone: +43 1 47654 79001

fax: +43 1 47654 79009

email: diethard.mattanovich(a)


Senior Scientists


Martin Altvater, PhD

Towards sustainable production of lactic acid using genetically modified yeast

room no: 01/20

phone:+ 43 1 47654 79110

email: martin.altvater(a)


Hans Marx, PhD

Synthetic biology │metabolic engineering │ microbial chemical production│biorefinery

room no: 01/05 phone:+43 1 47654 79105 email: hans.marx(a)




Özge Ata, PhD

Genetically modified yeast

room no: MUGI / 4 /  04/52

phone: +43 1 47654 79046

email: oezge.ata(a)


Simone Bachleitner, PhD

Development and validation of an integrated efficient yeast-based fermentation process for the conversion of CO2, MeOH and FA to added
value organic acids.

room no: 04/52

phone: +43 1 47654 79046

email: simone.bachleitner(a)


Sonakshi De, PhD

Strain development for increased protein production in Pichia pastoris

room no: MUGI / 04/52

phone: +43 147654 79138



Ly Nguyen Ngoc, PhD


room no: MUGI / 04/16

phone: +43 147654 79043

email: ly.nguyen(a)

Ben Leyland, PhD

Specialist in algae molecular biology. Currently working on deciphering the agarose biosynthetic pathway in Red Algae.

room no: 01/20

phone: +43 1 47654 79110

email: ben.leyland(a)

Bernhard Schmelzer, PhD

Cell and process development for Pichia pastoris

room no: 04/16

phone: +43 1 47654 79043

email: bernhard.schmelzer(a)

Maria del Carme Pons Royo

Development of a microfluidic screening platform

room: MUG1 EG17

phone: +43 1 47654 79114

email: carme.pons-royo(a)

PhD Students

Michael Baumschabl, MSc.

Increasing efficiency of CO2 assimilation in synthetic autotrophic Pichia pastoris

room no: 04/07.2

phone: +43 1 47654 79038

email: michael.baumschabl(a)


Helena Godon, MSc.

Next generation Pichia toolbox development

room: 04/07

phone: +43 147654 79037 /-30843

email: helena.godon(a)


Marina Ječmenica, MSc.

Quantitative trait loci mapping in Komagataella phaffii

room no: MUGIII / 1 / DG 003

phone: +43 1 47654 79032 /-30850

email: marina.jecmenica(a)


Aliki Kostopoulou, MSc.

room no: 04/07

phone: +43 1 47654 79037

email: aliki.kostopoulou(a)


Miriam Kuzman, MSc.

Grafting the Ribulose Monophosphate Cycle for Methanol Assimilation into Komagataella phaffii.

room no: 04/07

phone: +43 1 47654 79037

email: miriam.kuzman(a)


Golnaz Memari, MSc.

Pathway design for mixotrophic production of biochemicals from CO2 and methanol in yeasts

room: 04/07.2

phone: +43 1 47654 79038

email: golnaz.memari(a)


Bernd Mitic, Dipl.-Ing.

Advanced analytical strategies for investigation of alternative methanol assimilation in methylotrophic yeasts

room: 04/07

phone: +43 1 47654 30850

email: bernd.mitic(a)

Charles Moritz, MSc.

Enzyme engineering and evolution for improved methanol dissimilation in the synthetic autotroph Pichia pastoris

room: 04/07.2

phone: +43 1 47654 79038

email: charles.moritz(a)


Yoshua Donny Rudinatha, MSc.

Control of glycolysis in Crabtree-negative and positive yeasts

room: 04/02

phone: +43 147654 79032

email: donny.rudinatha(a)

Manja Mølgaard Severinsen, MSc.

Process design for organic acid production from C1 substrates

room no: 04/07.2

phone: +43 1 47654 79038

email: manja.severinsen(a)

Evelyn Carolina Vásquez Castro, MSc.

Increasing the carbon efficiency of citric acid production

room no: 04/02

phone: +43 1 47654 79032

email: evelyn.vasquez-castro(a)



Viktoria Kowarz, MSc.


room no: 04/04

phone: +43 1 47654 79035

email: viktoria.kowarz(a)


Lisa Lutz, MSc.


room no: 04/04

phone: +43 1 47654 79034

email: lisa.lutz(a)


Rebecca Oberndorfer

room no: 04/02

phone: +43 1 47654 79032


Bianca Pouzar, B.Sc.

email: bianca.selenic(a)

Gabriele Wilt

General technical support of research group

room no: 04/04

phone: +43 1 47654 79036

email: gabriele.wilt(a)

Student Co-Workers


Michaela Schinerl

room no: 04/02

phone: +43 1 47654 79032

ACIB Area Management & Administration Research Group


Birgit Marckhgott, Mag.

room no: 05/02

phone: +43 1 47654 79004

email: birgit.marckhgott(a)

Former Group Members

Bernd Albrecht (PhD student) Magnus Ask (PhD student) Diane Barbay (PhD student) Kristin Baumann (PhD student) Martina Bellasio (PhD student) Katrin Benakovitsch (PhD student) Marzena Blumhoff (PhD student) Markus Buchtetics (PhD student) Jonas Burgard (PhD student) Simona Capone (diploma student) Daniel Daraban (PhD student) Marizela Delic (researcher) Thomas Dohnal (diploma student) Alexander Doleschal (apprentice) Martin Dragosits (PhD student) Michael Egermeier (researcher) Valeria Ellena (PhD student) Anna Erian (PhD student)Stefan Ertl (PhD student) Susanne Eywo (PhD student) Felix Fuchsberger (diploma student) Thomas Gaßler (researcher) Rebecca Göngrich (PhD student) Alexandra Graf (PhD student) Burcu Gündüz Ergün (researcher) Sarah Heinzl (technician) Silvia Heiss (diploma student) Hubertus Hohenblum (PhD student) Robin Hoheneder (PhD student) Frederik Hoppe (technician) Dariusz Jarych (master student) Denis Kalemasi (PhD student) │ Ursula Kiesswetter (technician)Rakesch Koppram (researcher) Nils Landes (PhD student) Katharina Lindlbauer (PhD student) Lukas Marsalek (PhD student) Michael Maurer (PhD student) Astrid Mecklenbräuker (diploma student) Harald Mindler (diploma student) Gerda Modarres-Sadreghi (staff scientist) Stefan Neubauer (PhD student) Karin Neunteufl (technician) Justyna Nocon (PhD student) Sandra F. Oloketuyi (PostDoc) Anett Patschke (PhD student) David Alejandro Pena-Navarro (PhD student)Siniša Petrik (Researcher) Armin Peymann (staff scientist) Martin Pfeffer (PhD student) Stefan Pflügl (PhD student) Oliver Preimesberger (diploma student) Roland Prielhofer (Researcher) Verena Puxbaum (Researcher) Bojana Radoman (PhD student) Mario Rankl (master student) Mascha Rauscher (diploma student) Alice Rassinger (researcher) │ Enrique Recuero Martinez Andreas Redl (diploma student) Joshua Rettenwender (master student) Marion Rothmüller (technician) Christine Sanystra (diploma student/staff scientist) Parveen Sarkary (staff scientist)  Michaela Schinerl (technician) Sabine Schießler (technician) Fabian Schneider (technician) Matthias Steiger (researcher) Stefanie Steuer (master student) Brigitte Svoboda (diploma student) Nadine Tatto (PhD student / staff scientist) Lars Töllner (researcher) Damiano Totaro (PhD student)Minoska Valli (researcher) Franziska Wanka (diploma student) Konrad Woroszylo (master student, technician) Richard Zahrl (PhD student) Domen Zavec (PhD student)