DLG Innovation Award “Young Ideas” – BOKU researcher honored

Dr. Lisa Call from the Department of Crop Sciences received the DLG Innovation Award “Young Ideas” for the high practical relevance of her PhD thesis

Every year, the DLG Innovation Award “Young Ideas” promotes research work by young scientists who deal with the following topics across products and industries: food technology, product development, health and nutrition. This year, BOKU researcher Lisa Call was declared the award winner by the scientific advisory board of the DLG committee.

The award ceremony took place at the end of April at Anuga FoodTec 2022 in Cologne, Germany. Young researcher Lisa Call convinced the expert jury with her practically relevant PhD thesis. Her dissertation is entitled “Characterization of wheat components related to hypersensitivities” and focuses on amylase-trypsin inhibitors (ATIs), FODMAPs and wheat tolerability.

The work was carried out at the Institute of Food Technology under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Regine Schönlechner as part of the research project “ID-WHEAT”, which was financially supported by the FFG. The work makes a decisive contribution to a deeper understanding of the factors influencing wheat ATIs and FODMAPs, and thus the tolerability of the resulting products. In addition, the work provides strategies for efficient degradation of ATIs and FODMAPs with the aim of developing wheat products with increased tolerability.

Lisa Call has already received several awards for her doctoral thesis, including the ÖGE Nutrition Research Prize, the ALVA Research prize, and the research prize DER ALIMENTARIUS from the journal DIE ERNÄHRUNG.

Lisa Call now works at the Department of Crop Sciences, where she continues to work on cereal intolerances and allergies as part of the “Danube Allergy Research Cluster” coordinated by MedUni Vienna.