Prof. William D. J. KIRK guest at Plant Protection

William D.J. Kirk is Professor of Applied Entomology. The main focus of his research is on the biology and ecology of thrips (Thysanoptera).

His current projects are mainly on thrips chemical ecology, such as the role of aggregation pheromone in the biology of the bean flower thrips on cowpea in Kenya and the ways in which thrips use cuticular hydrocarbons to recognise the species and sex of other thrips. Another projects investigates the use of nanoformulations of essential oils to control thrips.

The course “Insect chemical ecology and applications in pest management” will combine lectures with seminars.

The topics covered will be "General introduction to insect chemical ecology", "Dispersal and host-finding in insects", "Sex pheromones in Lepidoptera",  "Semiochemicals in Thysanoptera" & "Pest management with semiochemicals".

A cordially welcome to Vienna!