BOKU staff members can go to a CEEPUS partner university for teaching.

Participating countries:

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Kosovo

Please read the general information about CEEPUS:

Demanded accomplishments

  •  At least 6 hours of teaching
  • At least 5 days of stay


Offered by the host country: 

Scholarship depending on the host country. Guide to finding scholarship information: Overview scholarship information
For further information please visit

Offered by OeAD:

  • 50 Euro/hour for teaching (at least 6 hours, at most 30 hours)
  • Travel allowance (2. class train journey, flight if further the 750 kilometer, car equivalent to train journey, at most: 750 euro)


  • You already have a contact person at the CEEPUS host university: How to find contacts and Information on scientific Networks
  • You have to contact the BOKU CEEPUS academic coordinator (see end of website)
  • You have to determine the subject matter with your colleagues of the CEEPUS host university
  • Send your application on
  • Get your travel request signed prior to your departure: business trips forms
  • Please note the currently valid guidelines for business travel. Travel to countries with a travel warning level 5 and higher require a business trip permit. In addition, an A1 certificate is required. Please note that the German version of the A1 certificate  needs to be filled out. Please refer to the English version of the form for assistance. (English version is not valid at the insurance services!)

Please inquire at BOKU International Relations about the currently applicable regulations.

Application Deadlines

June 15th for the winter semester

October 31th for the summer semester

November 30th for freemover

BOKU-International Relations
Veronika Eberl
+43 1 47654-32005


Here you can find the websites of the universities and faculties and the network descriptions:
Or you can use this link to search for a Network listed sorted by University or sorted by CPnr. (CEEPUS Network Number) :

English is the common language and language of instruction.

The academic networks of BOKU
*Code= "CEEPUS Network Number (CPnr.)" or "Freemover"

  • Agriculture and Environment in the 21st Century - @groen
    Code CIII-HU-0003 academic coordinator Univ. Prof. Hans- Peter Kaul.
  • Modern Approaches for Design, Production and Operation of Vehicles (MADPOV) (currently not active)
  • CIII-BG1502 academic coordinator Univ.Prof. Dr. Yusak Susilo
  • For safe and healthy food in Middle-Europe
    Code CIII-HR-0306 academic coordinator Priv.Doz. Matthias Schreiner.
  • Landscape Management - Sustainable land use perspectives in Central European Region
    Code CIII-CZ-0311 academic coordinator Dr. Roland Tusch.
  • Modern Technologies of finishing wood and wood based materials (currently not active)
    Code CIII-PL-1308 academic coordinator Dr. Rupert Wimmer.
  • Applied Economics and Management
    Code CIII-SK-0044 academic coordinator Prof. Rainer Haas.
  • Engineering as Communication Language in Europe
    Code CIII-PL-0701 academic coordinator Prof. Alfred Strauss.
  • Managerial Processes in International Environment
    Code CIII-CZ-0911 academic coordinator Prof. Rainer Haas.
  • Training and research in environmental chemistry and toxicology
    Code CIII-SI-0905 academic coordinator Prof. Dr. Jose L. Toca-Herrera.
  • Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD
    Code CIII-RS-1012 academic coordinator PhD Rafat Al Afif.
  • Improving Food Quality with Novel Food Processing Technologies
    Code CIII-RS-1512 academic coordinator PhD Rafat Al Afif.
  • Reinforcement of research, professional, and education capacities for application in sample preparation of various origins before the corresponding analysis.
    Code CIII-RS-1816 academic coordinator  Dr. Anca-Iulia Stoica
  • "Green" buildings as solutions to achieve sustainable environmental goals. (new)
    Code CIII-PL-0000 academic coordinator Dr. Florian Kretschmer


The academic coordinators are responsible for the crediting of the courses and the academic advice.