BOKU staff members can go to a CEEPUS partner university for teaching.

Please read the general information about CEEPUS.

Demanded accomplishments

  •  At least 6 hours of teaching
  • At least 5 days of stay


Offered by the host country: 

Depending of the host country, for further information please visit

Offered by OeAD:

50 Euro/hour for teaching (at least 6 hours, at most 30 hours)

Travel allowance (2. class train journey, flight if further the 750 kilometer, car equivalent to train journey, at most: 750 euro)


  • You already have a contact person at the CEEPUS host university
  • You have to contact the BOKU CEEPUS academic coordinator
  • You have to determine the subject matter with your colleagues of the CEEPUS host university


June 15th for the winter semester

October 31th for the summer semester


Lisa Maria Schmidtberger, MSc