Current information on mobilities (COVID-19)

According to the current rectorate's information all international business trips should generally still be avoided. Business trips to countries with a threat level of 5 or 6 (see current travel warnings published by BMEIA) are not allowed. If such a business trip is unavoidable, it requires individual assessment by BOKU's Staff Unit Employee Protection & Health (see BOKU's rectorate mailing "Update 19.6.2020 - information on the further procedure for COVID-19")

Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility

Erasmus+ staff trainings can take place in all EU member countries, Iceland, Norway, North Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Serbia (since 2019) within the frame of:

  • Short-term collaborations
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Participation in workshops etc.

Staff training mobilities can be organized individually or in the context of Erasmus+ Staff Training Weeks or International Weeks.

Find further information about Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobilities and about application documents here.


Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

Erasmus+ Teaching Mobilities to European BOKU partner universities for scientific staff members (current Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement between BOKU and partner university is required).

At least 8 teaching hours per week/stay at partner university are required (in the context of lectures, seminars, excursions, laboratories, ...).

If a teaching activity is combined with a staff training, at least 4 hours per week/stay are required. If you plan to stay longer than one week (7 days), you need to teach more hours.

Further information about Erasmus+ teaching mobilities and application documents can be found here.

Further information


The mobility has to take place at least 2 days and max. 2 weeks (excluding travel days).

Funding amount

Please calculate yourself what the possible maximum amount of funding is. You find further information on the funding amount on the respective websites.

Only actual costs (based on receipts) will be refunded by the human resources department, which means that you will NOT automatically receive the maximum amount. Make sure you also check how much funding is still available with the BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR). You are not automatically entitled to funding. Please also read the information on travelling on behalf of BOKU that you will find here.

Please contact Gudrun Reisinger on time to organise funding for your travels. Funding is allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please note: during each funding period (from October to September) one mobility per person will be funded. A participation at conferences cannot be financed by Erasmus+.


Find further information for persons with special needs here

You find information about data processing here (only in German available).

Please read the BOKU emergency checklist prior your departure and order your BOKU emergency card for business trips.



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