Requirements & duration

The minimum duration of the mobility is 2 days, the maximum duration is 12 days.

  • You are required to teach at least 8 hours per week/stay.
  • If you plan to stay longer than one week (7 days), you need to teach more hours.
  • New: If you want to combine your teaching activity with a staff training you have to teach at least 4 hours per week/stay.

BOKU partner universities in:

  • all EU countries
  • Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia and Serbia (since 2019)

BOKU partner universities in Europe can be found in our  mobility online database (see tab "partner institutions") and on this map. Please contact Nicolas Fries in advance to check if your planned teaching mobility can be funded.

Funding amount

Please calculate yourself what the possible maximum amount of funding is:

Max. amount of funding for the funding periods 2022/23

It is possible to obtain a Top-Up for environmentally friendly travel. The amount depends on the distance traveled and can be found in the document above. Proof is provided, for example, by train tickets, which must be submitted when settling accounts upon return.

You will get refunded the maximum support grant of the respective funding period for your  mobility (lump sum). This maximum amount will be declared in your Grant Agreement and consists of the maximum allowed subsistence expenses per day as well as of the maximum grant for your travel expenses. It's important to clarify with the BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) how much funding is available before you plan your mobility. You are not automatically entitled to funding. Please also read the information on travelling on behalf of BOKU that you will find here.

Make sure you keep your original boarding passes (or train tickets) - they are necessary for the HR department and the refuding.

Please choose an Erasmus+ partner university or send recommendations for new partnerships to BOKU-IR.

Prior to departure

Application documents:

  • Erasmus+ Contract (Grant Agreement) with BOKU (original by internal post or by email)*
  • Mobility Agreement for Teaching with the partner university (scan sufficient)*
  • Official travel authorization signed by your superior (“Dienstreiseauftrag” from Personalverrechnung/HR)*
    You will receive the Erasmus documents for your mobility (grant agreement, mobility agreement, confirmation of stay) directly from BOKU-IR after a mail request.

*Submission at BOKU-International Relations; subject to approval by BOKU-IR before starting the mobility!

  • A1-Certificate (please send it directly to the Personnel Management: before starting the mobility). For further information, please click here. The English version can be found here (only for your information; please submit the German version!)
    If you submit your travel authorization (Dienstreiseauftrag) via BOKUflow, the A1 certificate is automatically forwarded to the personnel management department.
  • Please print out the confirmation of stay form and take it with you on your trip to have it signed and stamped by your host university

Please consult the BOKU Emergency Checklist before your stay abroad and apply for the BOKU Emergency Card for your business trip in good time!

Information about data protection and the use of personal data can be found here.

Upon returning to BOKU

The following documents are subject to approval by BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) after the end of the mobility:

  • Business trip receipts (Please hand in the Business Trip Abroad form ("Dienstreiserechnung") OR in exceptional cases the form ‘Grants for Travel Costs,’ with supporting information
  • Original receipts (including boarding passes/ train tickets, receipts for accommodation, etc.) attached to other business trip receipts. Regarding the payment modalities of EU lump sums we are referring to the FAQ page of BOKU Personnel Management.
  • Confirmation of stay (signed and stamped original), find the template here
  • Online report for the EU/ EU online survey – the link will be sent by email after all completed documents have been approved. If your Staff Mobility was related to training in pedagogical and/or curriculum design skills, please indicate this in the EU Survey. Thank you very much!

Information for people with special requirements can be found here. There is the possibility of extra support.


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BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR)
Peter-Jordan-Strasse 82a
1190 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 47654-32012
E-mail: nicolas.fries(at)

*The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.