Current information on mobilities (COVID-19)

According to the current rectorate's information all international business trips should generally still be avoided. Business trips to countries with a threat level of 5 or 6 (see current travel warnings published by BMEIA) are not allowed. If such a business trip is unavoidable, it requires individual assessment by BOKU's Staff Unit Employee Protection & Health (see BOKU's rectorate mailing "Update 12.7.2020 - information on the further procedure for COVID-19")


Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme there is also the opportunity for administrative staff and those working within the scientific departments at BOKU to attend further training at a European partner university or at a company/institution (arranged by the participants). You either need to be employed as a regular member of staff at BOKU or hold a teaching position. Staff members also have the opportunity to attend an International Week organised by partner institutions. The aim of this mobility is to acquire knowledge, skills and practical experience, which are important for staff members’ current positions and professional careers. Examples of this are:

  • Short-term collaborations
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Participation in workshops etc.

Please note: Financial support for participating in conferences cannot be provided.


The period of mobility must be for a minimum of 2 days and can be for a maximum of 2 weeks (excluding travel time).

Funding amount

Please use this guide to estimate the maximum support grant that you would be entitled to:

Funding period 2019/20: Maximum support 2019_20
Funding period 2020/21: Maximum support 2020_21 (for mobilities starting from October 2020)

Until September 2020 Human Resources department will only refund the actual costs of your  mobility according the original receipts they receive. Therefore you will not automatically receive the maximum support grant. It's important to clarify how much funding is still available with the BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) before you plan your mobility. You are not automatically entitled to funding. Please also read through the information on business trips.

Please note: as of October 2020 you will get refunded the maximum support grant of the respective funding period for your  mobility. This maximum amount will be declared in your Grant Agreement and consists of the maximum allowed subsistence expenses per day as well as of the maximum grant for your travel expenses. It's important to clarify with the BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) how much funding is available before you plan your mobility. You are not automatically entitled to funding. Please also read through the information on business trips.

Important: Due to increased demand, staff members can only complete one period of mobility per project period.

Please contact Gudrun Reisinger on time to organise funding for your travels. Funding is allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

It is essential that you retain your original boarding passes (or train tickets) to be eligible for a refund!

Before your mobility

Application documents: (subject to approval by BOKU-International Relations before starting the mobility):

  • Please print and take with your confirmation of stay, so you can be registered at your receiving institution upon arrival

* subject to approval by the BOKU-International Relations before starting the mobility!

Please consult the BOKU Emergency Checklist before your stay abroad and apply for the BOKU Emergency Card for your business trip in good time!

Information about data protection and the use of personal data can be found here (only in German available).

After your mobility

The following documents are subject to approval by BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR) after the end of the mobility:

  • Business trip receipts (Please hand in page 2+3 of the Business Trip Abroad form ("Dienstreiserechnung") OR in exceptional cases the form ‘Grants for Travel Costs,’ with supporting information
  • Original receipts (including boarding passes/ train tickets) attached to other business trip receipts
  • Confirmation of stay (signed and stamped original), find the template here

Online report for the EU/ EU online survey – the link will be sent by email after all completed documents have been approved

Information for people with special requirements can be found here. There is the possibility of extra support.


Contact person
Gudrun Reisinger
BOKU-International Relations (BOKU-IR)
Peter-Jordan-Strasse 82a, 1190 Wien
Tel: ++43 1 47654-32013, Fax: ++43 1 47654-32009 or email: gudrun.reisinger(at)

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