Corona regulations for restricted university life at BOKU

Please check the official and current information of BOKU with regard to your (planned) mobility regularly (updates sent by e-mail and online at BOKU's website. Further regulations can be found here.

Find rules of conduct & hygiene standards for BOKU here.

Corona hardship fund of the ÖH BOKU

This fund is intended to provide some support to all students at BOKU Vienna who have got into a social and financial distress due to the Corona crisis. Find further information & guidelines here.

COVID-19 information for students and supervisors

According to BOKU rectorate's guidelines all BOKU-students that are currently planning a stay abroad within the framework of their master theses or dissertations and in consultation with their supervisors have to follow the following regulation: Stays abroad within the framework of master theses or dissertations should generally still be avoided. Stays abroad for master theses or dissertations in countries with a threat level 5 or 6 (see current travel warnings published by BMeiA) are not allowed. If such a stay abroad is unavoidable, it requires individual assessment by BOKU's Staff Unit Employee Protection & Health.

Travel warnings by BMEIA

Please note the travel warnings for your planned stay abroad (at partner universities or at host institutions for your traineeships) of the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs (in German only):

Due to the unpredictability of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs strongly urges to refrain from all trips, which are not strictly necessary, and especially not to go on holiday trips. Ongoing travel restrictions, quarantine measures and extensive restrictions of public life in numerous countries are to be expected until further notice. 

Entry requirements for Austria

Inform yourself before your return to Austria about current entry requirements (country-specific regulations!) and follow the current governmental regulations (e.g. 14 days of quarantine, negative PCR-test, etc.) before you come to BOKU physically.

Further easing of entry regulations to Austria was planned by end of June. Keep in mind that all regulations can be adapted regularly due to the dynamic COVID-19 situation.

Useful information on the website Covid19 Infopoint of the Austrian Exchange Service 
Further information on Pre-Travel Clearance for entry in Austria find here.
Further information on entry requirements for Austria on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (in German only)
EU-website with country-specific entry regulations: Re-open EU
Current BOKU regulations see here.

Information for Erasmus+ stays abroad


Information for Erasmus+ stays (study abroad + traineeships abroad) - as of 1th July 2020

Please consider travel warnings and recommendations of the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs (BMEIA, see link travel warnings), the guidelines of your host institution as well as the official guidelines of BOKU. It is on your own responsibility to inform yourself about the current Corona developments and on your own risk to travel abroad despite eventually existing current travel warnings.

PLEASE NOTE: The Erasmus+ grant can only be provided for physical stays abroad. The grant will only be paid when you physically spend your stay in your host country. E-Learning/Home office activities from Austria/your home country do not count for your Erasmus+ grant and will, in case, be deducted from your Erasmus+ grant. Virtual mobilities will not be granted.

Information for stays abroad in countries with travel warnings under security level 5 or 6
Be aware: additional costs that may occur due to COVID-19 during your stay abroad cannot be covered, if travel warnings under security level 5 or 6 were indicated for your host country before your arrival. Further information can be found here FAQs des OeAD.

If you plan to cancel or postpone your stay abroad, please inform us immediately by e-mail to erasmus(at) or gudrun.reisinger(at)


Information for NEW Erasmus+ stays abroad (= first time Outgoing) - valid until 30 June

Erasmus+ grants can be awarded if outgoing students are physically and at least temporarily present at the host institution (study semester/traineeships). Inform yourself on guidelines and recommendations of BOKU and of your host institution in advance. Check travel warnings of the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs (see link "travel warnings"). Mobilities to countries with travel warning of security level 6 should be desisted.

If you decide to start your Erasmus+ funded stay abroad despite existing travel warnings, please be aware that you cannot apply for extra/additional funding ("Sonderunderstützung") in case of a necessary earlier return home which causes you cancellation/additional costs.

A combined stay at the host institution with physical presence and e-learning is possible and can be funded.

An extension of your stay abroad is possible if you are physically at the host institution and if you apply for the extension on time fulfilling all requirements. 

Due to the current situation traineeships for recent graduates can be done within 18 months after graduation (instead of 12 months).

OeAD Frequently asked questions - FAQs (see pdf in English)

Here you find further and updated information by OeAD regarding your Erasmus+ stay. 

Erasmus+ E-learning & home office - information for stays abroad until 30 June

You may receive your regular Erasmus+ grant for taking part in e-learning activities and for doing home-office (in case of traineeships) up to the maximum amount as stated in the Agreement with the OeAD, regardless of where you actually currently reside provided that you have already physically started your stay. Your host institution must confirm your participation in e-learning activities or home-office agreement.

Note! If you continue your Erasmus+ stay by eLearning/Home Office in your home country, do not forget to inform the OeAD and BOKU (erasmus(at) or gudrun.reisinger(at) by e-mail. For this purpose use the template "Antrag auf Sonderunterstützung COVID-19". You find the template on the OeAD website.

OeAD information regarding Erasmus+ stays abroad & Covid-19: E-Learning & Home-office  (1.4.2020)

Erasmus+ Cancellations, interruptions, deferrals - information for stays until 30 June

BOKU students that had to cancel, postpone or interrupt their stay abroad due to the current COVID-19 situation (as exchange students at partner universities or as trainees at host institutions), received further information from the Austrian exchange service (OeAD). Do not forget to inform BOKU-International Relations about your current Erasmus+ status by e-mail to erasmus(at) or gudrun.reisinger(at)

Note! If you interrupt your Erasmus+ stay up to 30 days your Erasmus+ grant will be not affected. If you interrupt your stay longer, be aware that this period will not be funded and will be deducted from the duration of your stay.

OeAD information regarding Erasmus+ stays abroad: Cancellations, interruptions, deferral due to Corona-Virus (currently in German only) (26.03.2020)

BOKU-International Relations consulting hours

Online consulting hours:

The team of BOKU-International Relations is happy to answer your questions during online consulting hours via Zoom. Find dates, time and Weblink on the contact page/BOKUonline business cards of each staff member here.

On-site consulting hours:

On-site consulting hours in the BOKU-International Relations' office (Peter-Jordan-Strasse 82a, 1190 Vienna) are offered after pre-booking your appointment by e-mail. Find further information and dates on the contact page/BOKUonline business cards of each staff member here.

Information on psychological counseling

A new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is concerning us all as it is globally prevalent. This completely unknown and new situation presents us with challenges, especially in the university and student life. The psychological counceling centers provide guidance for academic and personal challenges. 

Infomail to all outgoing students 19.03.2020


Dear BOKU students staying abroad,

please register at the Webseite of the foreign ministry:

  • if you want to return to Austria so you can get support
  • and as well if you continue your stay

Hotline of the foreign Ministry for emergencies abroad (24/7): Tel. +43 190 115 – 4411

Keep up to date with the latest developments on the top stories on the website as well as on the BOKU Rectorate's e-mails in the BOKU student mailing system:

Please inform us at BOKU-International Relations and contact persons of your host institution (via email) about your planned departure date or if you continue your stay. For Erasmus-Outgoings please also contact the OeAD. Please keep checking the emails from OeAD (for Erasmus and Ceepus students).

Please also contact us by email (erasmus(at) ; jointstudy(at) ; ceepus(at) ; erasmus.mundus2(at); gudrun.reisinger(at) when you are back in Austria. For organizational matters concerning your stay abroad, please read this website regularly:

Keep all invoices of your expenses!

Best Wishes from BOKU,

Team of BOKU-International Relations