EnvEuro is a 2 year double degree master programme with mandatory mobility.

This means that you spend the first two semesters at your home university and the two last semesters at your host university, giving you a truly international experience, and earning you two MSc degrees instead of one.

BOKU as home university (transfer from BOKU to...)

1. Apply for ERASMUS at BOKU

The exchange to the host university is organised via the ERASMUS programme. Please follow the ERASMUS application procedure at BOKU.

  • Deadline: Mid of January (for the following academic year)

If the transcript of records which you will need for the online application does not show enough credits, you can upload a note that you are EnvEuro student in the first semester and that you will submit the full transcript of records end of February /beginning of March.

2. After having been nominated by BOKU, apply at the partner university.

3. Transfer your credits to the partner university

Please have the final version of your BOKU Individual Course Plan (with all signatures) and your transcript of records from BOKU (to be picked up at the Study services) checked at the host university at latest 3 months before you submit the master thesis there.


BOKU as host university (transfer to BOKU)

1. Apply for Erasmus at your home university

Please check the information at your home university. After having been nominated by your home university, you will get an e-mail with a link to the ERASMUS online application at BOKU. 

2. Apply for full degree admission at BOKU

At BOKU students need to be admitted as full degree students to be able to graduate. Please submit the following documents to the administrative Enveuro coordinator at BOKU by April 30 during your first study year.
Scanned copies sent by e-mail are sufficient, for students with BOKU as host university legal certification of documents is not required. 

  • application form (study start 2021/22: not required)
  • evidence of previous studies (bachelor degree, diploma).  (study start 2021/22: only if the final document was not part of your first application to the Enveuro Secretariat)
  • transcript stating subjects, marks, ECTS and contents of teaching (study start 2021/22: only if the final document was not part of your first application to the Enveuro Secretariat)
  • CV (study start 2021/22: not required)
  • Evidence of adequate proficiency of English (study start 2021/22: only if the document was not part of your first application to the Enveuro Secretariat)

Translation regulations


3. Complete the online Erasmus application at BOKU

  • Deadline: June 30


4. Get registered at BOKU

Once both applications have been completed, processed and accepted, you will receive your BOKU admission letter and you can register at BOKU.
NOTE: You have to pay the student union fee  - NOT the full tuition fee.


5. Transfer your credits to BOKU

During your first semester at BOKU you will have to make an Individual Course Plan at BOKU (including the courses of your home university).
Please have the final version of your Individual Course Plan and your Transcript of Records from the partner university checked a semester before your graduation, first at BOKU-International Relations administrative coordinator (BOKU-IR) and then at the Graduation Office (Studienservices, Gregor Mendelstr. 33, 2nd floor, room 2.5.)
Before you have your documents checked, you have to enter all courses done at the partner university (not BOKU) in your BOKUonline account (one data sheet per course) (info-guide accreditation/recognition)