15. June           For the following academic year (summer- and/or wintersemester) – network places
31. October      Leftovers for the following summer semester- network places
30. November   For the following summer semester - FreeMover

Application flow:

1. Catch up on CEEPUS at the Center for International Relations

2. You have to  make a list for equivalent courses for the crediting. The list has to be signed by the acadamic coordinator of the Ceepus Network here at BOKU. For the list of BOKU Ceepus Coordinators see Information. Then it must be confirmed in the Registration office (Studienabteilung).

3. Register here: After your registration you get a Login including a password.

4.  Login: You have to login. Then „Create Network Mobility“- „student“- choose the network and fill the application form. All data has to be correct and completed. Choose only one email address! Specify the semester of your academic career. 

5. The essential criterion is the motivation!

6. When you have filled the form correctly you have to submit the application: press „submit“!

7. When you submitted the application the academic coordinator can see it online. He has to confirm your application online.

8. When the academic coordinator nominated you, the National CEEPUS office forwards the application to the host country.

9. When the National CEEPUS office of the host country accepts you you will be informed by e-mail. You will get the message „awarded“. Follow the instructions.

10. You have to login and press "Accepted by Applicant".

11. You have to fill the application for a remission of tuition fees in the Registration office (Studienabteilung) if you are not delivered from tuition fees.

12. For „Studienbehilfenbezieher/ innen:“ You have to apply for an aid for foreign studies at the „Studienbeihilfe“ agency.

13. You have to organise the formalities for the registration at the host university by yourself when you are awarded for a CEEPUS scholarship.

Important information: The award for a CEEPUS scholarship could be late (sometimes two months before the semester starts). The applicants can contact the administrative CEEPUS coordinator of BOKU for further information.