Official BOKU students and postgraduates who meet the following minimum requirements may apply:

  • home institution must be BOKU
  • completion of the requirements necessary in composing a scientific work:
    for the Doctoral Dissertation: the completion of the master’s degree and a minimum of 10 earned ECTS credits in the doctoral studies program,
    for the Master’s Thesis: bachelor's degree and a minimum of 30 earned ECTS credits in the master program, (the scientific work must already have been approved),
  • between the ages of 19-35 years old: (unless the applicant is in the postdoctoral stage of research); justified exceptions, however, will also be considered (e.g. a later university start date or the simultaneous holding of a non-university, full-time job,…),
  • the weighted grade point average may be no higher than 2.3,
  • a certificate of foreign language proficiency, given either in the form of an earned passing grade (at least C1 level) authorized by a BOKU foreign language instructor (see: language proficiency test), or by results from one of the standardized foreign language proficiency tests (e.g. the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge Certificate- the certificate must not be older than 2 years!), or at least 15 earned ECTS credits in subject-specific courses in foreign language taken will be accepted as sufficient proof of foreign language ability,
  • the applicant should not begin the research project abroad until after the deadline has passed and the award has been given.
  • Priority for applications with an endorsement letter of supervising with a connection to a university at the host country.
  • Please note that the Master's Thesis/Doctoral Diss./Habil. must already be officially approved by the application deadline.
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