Amount of scholarship money provided per month:

The overall amount of funding generally given to recipients depends, first and foremost, on the amount of KUWI’s existing funds, but is also determined by general living and accommodation costs that the student will encounter in the particular research location.

The guidelines can be found in the following pdf-file: KUWI-monthly grant rates.

Depending on available funds, applicants with additional financial needs may also apply for further monetary assistance (a record of the additional charges, and, if applicable, proof of medical visits, are required to be shown).

Compensation for specific, project-necessary transportation costs (e.g in connection with special fieldwork) can only be approved in justified individual cases.

Students receive their scholarship shortly before departure (in the case of near-term stays there may be delay). BOKU staff members receive their scholarship amount after their return, in the course of the overall settlement.


A misuse of the scholarship, (i.e. misuse of the travel allowance or a failure to turn in the required report of stay) will result in the reimbursement of the scholarship funds by the scholarship holder to BOKU!
Reimbursement is required when there is inappropriate use of the scholarship money.