The scholarship awarded by the Marshall Plan Anniversary Fund is given to students of technical fields of study in order for them to take part in a study abroad research project in the USA. The main goal of the scholarship is to encourage the transferring and sharing of knowledge between the USA and Austria.

The application is only possible via BOKU-International Relations and not directly at the Marshall Plan Foundation.

More specific information:

Duration of scholarship:

A minimum of 3 months abroad


The nomination is given by the study abroad committee from BOKU, BOKU-International Relations will then direct the nomination further to the MPS. Applications for the Marshall Plan Scholarship will be evaluated in March/April and October/November. (See KUWI deadlines).

Upon receiving the nomination:

The MPS-application agreement will be sent in about 3 months.

The scholarship recipient should sign the MPS-application agreement and produce the following documents for BOKU-International Relations:

  • Visa for the USA: R J1
  • Health and accident insurance, including a reimbursement and transfer guarantee
  • Liability insurance

Attention: Any changes (topic, duration of stay, changes supervisor, etc.) have to be reported immediately to BOKU-International Relations! Otherwise, this may have an impact on your scholarship.