Application directions:

  1. download the application documents and pre application form (not handwritten),
    (cv, list of research publications, list of presentations, all in pdf-format)
  2. set up a research plan and discuss it with your advisor,
    (pdf-format, 1500-2500 words, title, supervisor at home university and at host university, abstract of topic, general goals, research question in detail, methodology, workflow, importance/relevance/expected results of work, supervisors at home and abroad-according to the official requirements)
  3. motivation letter max. 2 pages, pdf-format
  4. secure the endorsement letter from the study abroad institution/university,
  5. sign up for the language proficiency test at BOKU-International Relations if necessary,
  6. request your transcript of records,
  7. find the estimated travel expenses via the internet or through a travel agent,
  8. Fill out the online application form in Mobility Online, create an account and confirm. Then upload the complete documents in time (Please send an email to kuwi [at] if you have (technical) problems), 
  9. once all documents are completed and turned in in a timely manner, the study abroad advisory board will review your application,
  10. with approval: sign the MPS-contract and return it to the Marshall Plan Foundation with the required documents,
  11. take care of getting your visa for the USA (J-1) in time and upload it on Mobility Online,
  12. finalize your insurance policy (coverage of health- , liability- and accident insurance, incl. repatriation and transfer guarantee in case of death) and upload it on Mobility Online (this should be done upon 2 months before departure, only when everything is complete your first instalment payment can be requested),
  13. inform the Registration Office (Studienservices) prior to your departure and upon your return,
  14. upon return, hand in the approval of your research project and scan of your flight tickets to BOKU-International Relations via Mobility Online,
  15. upon return, hand in the research work-final research paper (pdf-formar, min. 7500 words, excluding title page, table of contents and references-according to the official requirements) and letter of acknowledgement from the host university to BOKU-International Relations via Mobility Online,
  16. upon return, hand in the report of stay-field report to BOKU-International Relations via Mobility Online
    (pdf-format, max. 2 pages, general impression of your stay abroad, standard of host institution, contact/involvement/integration, organisation/location, recommendation for future students, contact e-mail).