The Austrian Students’ Union (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft) is the only recognised representation for all students at Austrian universities. When registered at the university, every Austrian student automatically becomes a member of the ÖH, with a membership fee of approximately € 21 per semester (which you will already have paid).
This compulsory membership fee provides the ÖH with political and financial independence and ensures that it can fulfil its tasks.


At the ÖH-BOKU there are about 100 students who are working for other students voluntarily! Their main interest is helping students at BOKU and they are highly motivated to organize courses and events. The ÖH consists of various departments. For you as an Erasmus student, the Department of International Affairs will be of most concern. Other departments are for example for women and equality, sports, or environment department. 

Department for International Affairs (Erasmus Student Network BOKU)

The Department for International Affairs ÖH BOKU is happy to offer advice to anyone who is studying at an Austrian university or planning to do so. Its aim is to provide advice for foreign students concerning questions of admission, residence permit, language courses, financial support etc. This department also tries to help national students, who are planning to study abroad. Furthermore, they cooperate with BOKU-International Relations and other organizations to improve the stay of all foreign students at the BOKU. You are also welcome to ask for advice and help during the semester.

The international department of the ÖH is a part of ESN Austria (Erasmus Student Network). It is a union which aims to improve everyday life of students during their time in the Erasmus programme and which organizes lots of national and international events to connect students in all Europe. You are invited to take part!
They provide you with the ESN Welcome package consisting of the ESN membership card, the “A1” B- free prepaid phone card, a free "Bawag" bank account with 15€ starting balance and many, many other goodies. You can get your package directly at the ESN office.

Office for Foreign Students and Applicants

The Office for Foreign Students and Applicants is responsible for degree and non-degree students at BOKU. We assist you with information on the application procedures and documents required for the degree you intend to study.
Please note that all application information is clearly stated on the BOKU website, but if anything is unclear, feel free to ask us for assistance. We understand that these initial procedures can be overwhelming and that a second opinion, or even just a confirmation from us that you are on the right track, could be helpful for you. BOKU also provides foreign students (from certain countries which are in a list on the BOKU-website, 1st appendix) with a performance related study grant that can be applied for each semester on
fulfillment of the requirements. For additional information about:

  • the performance related study grant procedure
  • tuition fees
  • visa requirements and renewal processes
  • insurance in Austria as a student
  • starting and registering for courses in your first semester

you are welcome to our office during our opening hours or on appointment per e-mail. You can also ask us about any information you require at any time per e-mail and we we shall reply as swiftly as possible.


ÖH Office
Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Wien

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8am - 12am and 1pm - 4pm, Fri 8am - 1pm
Tel.: +43 1 47654-2000
Email: sekretariat(at)

Consultation hours Department for International Affairs:
Mon 12am - 1pm Consultation hours Office for Foreign Students:
By arrangement

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