"Eat Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarren, Marmeladepalatschinken and Schnitzel; eat Topfengolatsche for breakfast; drink Kaiserspritzer and Wiener Ottakringer; drink Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller and Gemischter Satz; coffee in Cafe Liebling; Mariahilferstraße, Saunaparty, Museumsquartier, Tel Aviv Beach, Heuriger in Grinzing and Lisa. I don't regret it that I chose Vienna."
Guiseppe, Italy (SS2015)

“I enjoyed the courses a lot and the administration was well organized. Also, I was very happy with the small club at TÜWI where you can relax and just take a nap on the sofa when you are tired. Vienna is such a great city with so many options like museums and cultural events.”
Petra, Czech Republic (WS2019/20)

“An Erasmus semester is a great opportunity to improve your language skills and to meet new people from other countries. I really enjoyed travelling all over Europe with my fellow Erasmus students.”
Lisa, Netherlands (WS2019/20)

“The fact that you can take your dog with you is crazy. I love the concept!”
Ciska, Belgium (WS2019/20)

“I wasn’t a student but I worked here as an intern. The working atmosphere was nice. People were very helpful and polite. The labs are very big and the best and newest equipment was provided.”
Eliška, Czech Republic (WS2019/20)

"We joined the basketball team. That was the best decision ever because we could not only meet international Erasmus students but also Austrians. It completely changed our whole experience here as we really got to know the local culture and people."
Isabel & Arnaud, Belgium (WS2019/20)

“Great university, great professors, great city!”
Jordina, Spain (WS2019/20)

“The relation between students and professors was very different. At my home university there is a steep hierarchy whereas here you are treated more equally. Additionally, I enjoyed the “Stadtwanderwege” (city hiking trails) a lot. It is very nice that you can easily get out of the city and enjoy some nature.”
Célestin, France (WS2019/20)

"The best at university was the way how professors make their lectures. The way of teaching is quite different to my home country."
Celine, Belgium (SS2015)

"I also really liked the excursion from the university. We were in Tyrol and in Germany."
Camille, France (SS2015)

"The funniest thing was the day at the fun park - Prater. We enjoyed all the attractions."
Luc, Netherlands (SS2015)

"We did a road trip by car through Austria. That was great!"
Martin, Slovakia (SS2015)

"Everything was perfect - the view, the atmosphere, Donaukanal with friends, dancing at the spanish night...the first semester was difficult for me, but the second was awesome."
Paulina, Poland (WS2014/15 & SS2015)

"I liked the excursion to the winefields."
Sallamaari, Finland (SS2015)


At the end of their stay, our exchange students are asked to fill in an evaluation form about their stay. In the form they can compliment positive things, mention difficulties and make suggestions for improvements. Using these results the BOKU-International Relations tries to improve the stays of future exchange students.

Here you can find the evaluation results of the last few years: 

2018/19: Winter semester

2017/18: Winter semester, Summer semester

2016/17: Winter semester, Summer semester

Summary of the evaluations