"When I introspect on my time spent in Vienna, I have yet to fully appreciate the dynamism of the entire experience. And each time I think back, I learn something new about the travels to the neighbouring countries, road trips on the spur of the moment and being immersed in this natural science environment!" (Irshaad, South-Africa, WS 2015-2016)

„Best semester ever! Thanks. ” (Miguel, Spain, SS 2016)

„I liked the interesting courses at BOKU. Especially the nice team of tutors and events outside. It was amazing to get to know people from all over the world, their culture and food. I like the relaxed people in Vienna and the big alternative scene. ” (Andrea, Germany, SS 2016)

„I think Vienna is a beautiful city. It has a great public transport (very fast!). That semester was one of the best in my whole life and I had so many interesting courses at BOKU. I visited many countrys from Europe. I will miss it a lot. ” (Asia, Poland, SS 2016)

"Neue Freunde from different countries."
(Marco, Italy, SS2015)

"Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarren, Marmeladepalatschinken, Schnitzel essen; Topfengolatsche fürs Frühstück; Kaiserspritzer und Wiener Ottakringer trinken; Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller und Gemischter Satz trinken; Kaffee im Cafe Liebling; Mariahilferstraße, Saunaparty, Museumsquartier, Tel Aviv Beach, Heuriger in Grinzing und Lisa. I don't regret it that I chose Vienna."
(Guiseppe, Italy, SS2015)

"The best at university was the way how professors make their lectures. The way of teaching is quite different to my home country."
(Celine, Belgium, SS2015)

"I also really liked the excursion from the university. We were in Tyrol and in Germany."
(Camille, France, SS2015)

"The funniest thing was the day at the fun park - Prater. We enjoyed all the attractions."
(Luc, Holland, SS2015)

"We did a road trip by car through Austria. That was great!"
(Martin, Slovakia, SS2015)

"Everything was perfect - the view, the atmosphere, Donaukanal with friends, dancing at the spanish night...the first semester was difficult for me, but the second was awesome."
(Paulina, Poland, WS+SS 2014/15)

"I liked the excursion to the winefields."
(Sallamaari, Finland, SS2015)

"In my opinion exchange students are supported very well. Info we received by email were quite helpful, e.g. the checklist for departure to be sure that all formalities are done before leaving Vienna. Contact with ZIB was always very kind and uncleared issues were eliminated fast." (2009/10)

"Any more help would be really too much." (2010/11)

Auslandssemester in Österreich

Erfahrungsbericht einer deutschen Erasmus-Studierenden an der BOKU, erschienen in der Hochschulzeitschrift audimax.


Am Ende des Aufenthalts werden unsere Austauschstudierenden immer gebeten einen Evaluierungsfragebogen über ihren Aufenthalt auszufüllen. Dort können positive Dinge gelobt, Schwierigkeiten vermerkt und Verbesserungsvorschläge gemacht werden. Darauf aufbauend versucht das Zentrum für internationale Beziehungen den Aufenthalt für die nächsten Austauschstudierenden noch angenehmer zu machen.

Hier sind die Ergebnisse der Evaluierungen (in Englisch) der letzten Jahre aufgelistet und stehen für nähere Einblicke zur Verfügung:

2015/16: Wintersemester, Sommersemester

2014/15: Wintersemester, Sommersemester

Zusammenfassung der Evaluierungen