What did students like the best at BOKU?

  • BOKU: pleasant atmosphere, modern laboratory (tools and equipment), good information via e-mail, high teaching standard, interactive teaching methods
  • Lectures: wide choice of lectures
  • Welcome Days: good opportunity to meet other exchange students and develop friendships, to get an overview over BOKU and Vienna
  • Buddy network and "Stammtisch"(=weekly meetings in a pub): good possibility to meet new people
  • Language courses: German Intensive Course at the beginning of the semester as a chance to get to know other exchange students
  • Nice teachers and staff (incl. BOKU-International Relations): motivated, cooperative, sincerely welcoming
  • Possibility to share experiences: every semester there is a Facebook page for our exchange students, where experiences can be shared

What was less appealing to the students?

We are trying to improve:

  • Food supply at Türkenschanze
    Due to the location of BOKU Türkenschanze (18th and 19th district) the possibilities to get something to eat are limited. Besides the Mensa (student canteen), the "Innenhofstandl" and the two fast food stands, the TÜWI offers daily fresh prepared vegetarian or vegan food. The bakery chain "Felber" also opened a small stand in front of the Simony Haus. Recently a food truck is standing in front of the Exner Haus once a week and selling freshly made sweet and savoury crepe (pancakes). 
  • Number of lectures in English
    BOKU tries to increase the number of lectures in English every year (altogether there are already more than 600 lectures in English - though most of them are at Master's level).

This is due to the (university-) structure and may also have advantages:

  • ECTS per lecture: At BOKU there are many lectures with only few ECTS credits. It is normal at BOKU to attend 8 to 11 lectures per semester with 2 - 3 ECTS credits each (1 ECTS credit equals 25 hours of "studying effort" for students). Thereby you also get a chance to learn from many different areas.
  • Exams: At BOKU there is no examination week. Lectures at BOKU can last until the last week of the semester. Exams usually take place afterwards. The advantage of this system is, that it is very flexible and you can decide on your own when you want to do the exam. If you need an earlier date for the exam you can ask the professor about it and he may offer an earlier date. Just ask for it!
  • OEAD Student Housing: For student housing offered by the OEAD a deposit has to be paid (950€ for WS 2015/16). The deposit of OEAD is necessary, because there unfortunately has been an increasing number of problems with payment etc. When you leave your room properly at the end of the semester and no damage has been caused to the room that would cause reparation costs, you will get your deposit back. Therefore the OEAD is reliable and it is the easiest way for students to find a new home in Vienna.