With the BOKU Teaching Awards, which were awarded for the first time in 2010, BOKU want to the exceptional achievements in teaching visible. With a great deal of commitment and creativity, teachers create didactic concepts with which they emphasize and convey the characteristic elements of their subject. 

Teaching means conveying essential concepts and contexts to students, giving them important tools for life and inspiring them for the related subject.

The BOKU teaching are intended to stimulate a broad and in-depth discussion about various aspects of quality in teaching. They shed light on various aspects that define didactically high-quality and innovative teaching.

Different categories for the awards are selected each year.

BOKU Teaching Awards 2022

BOKU Teaching Awards 2022

The following categories will be awarded in 2022:

  • Lehrpreis - Master compulsory courses
  • Manfred Schwanninger Preis
  • Lehrlebenswerk
  • Junglehrendenpreis

Deadline: June 30, 2022

Please note that currently the categories are only available in german. Please switch to our geman website.

The winners of the BOKU Teaching Award 2022 will be awarded during the Evening of Teaching and Learning on November 15, 2022.


For further information, please contact lehrpreise(at)boku.ac.at